society sucks (posingaspopular) wrote in music_download,
society sucks

So I'm sitting here, a new member thinking:

What do you guys listen to? I listen to almost every genre or style of music. this is not an all exclusive liste

ska (my primary love)
METALLLLZZZZ! (I was a big metal fan for many years but not the whole bondage pants slipknot shirt type. More the guy whos in the front row pogoing because I ALWAYS get front row.) However I am against old school metal or 80's rock.
alt rock
pop punk
some but not a lot of emo
gangsta rap
OG rap
old school punk

my experiences in hardcore and indie rock are somewhat limited but I like what I've heard so far. I am open to almost everything and there are few bands/artists I can say I hate and mean it.

Pop. I hate pop.

Also Led Zep. and Hendrix are overrated as are Bob Marley. (He is the worst of the Marley brothers. did you guys know that he's not the only Marley to play music?)

I am a musical nerd. In general I tried to avoid bands and speak in generalities but thats me.
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