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wir sind helden- von hier an blind

first off I don't know what the fuck that is. German ska... I'll get to that in a second though. I run torrents, through Azu., open p2p sites like torrentspy or isohunt. I refuse to register for private boards which require loggin in because I know that they have a history of providing IPs to the RIAA, FBI and CIA. Anyway I go to isohunt and search "wir sind helden" and download that torrent whose name is on the subject line. Apparently the .rar came from one of those boards with logins and such ( so the .rar file has a password on it. My brother told me the point of 128-bit encryption is to be uncrackable. I went crazy trying to crack it using .rar password recovery which failed because I didn't use a broad enough range and when I tried to broaden the range i was told that the version I was using couldn't support it. Then I said "Fuck it. I don't care if the feds. do try to come down on me. They have no real power in international p2p networks." So i go to the website and the website is in German. I go to google laguage tools and get past the first page but then the second page is in german. I gave up on the torrent for a while but I wanted to try again.

Thoughts? Help?

the songs are for a friend

I will pay you back in music form if you want.
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